September 30, 2010

We've Got Video!

Probably the least exciting thing we could video - but we're experimenting! Here's a little clip of Maggie playing with Daddy... and with her food! xoxo

PS: This video was shot yesterday, Maggie's 10 month birthday!! (Whaaaat? She's going to be ONE YEAR OLD in only two months!!)

September 15, 2010

She Loves Him!

Last night as Maggie sat on her blanket on the floor, Rob, PJ, and I sat around her encouraging her to crawl. (Okay, I guess PJ wasn't really encouraging her... he was taking advantage of the fact that I was sitting on the ground, and was laying pretty much on top of my legs! :o)

Maggie scoots. You can't even tell she's doing it! She'll just all of the sudden be on the other side of the blanket. She's thinking about crawling, but you can tell she just isn't convinced that it is worth the possibility of falling. She's a thinker, this one!

Yesterday, she scooted right up to PJ. She sat in front of him, babbled something that only she and he can understand, and then bent down and gave him a kiss right on the bridge of his nose! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING WE'VE EVER SEEN. PJ looked at her with all this love, and she looked at us with a huge smile, and then went to babbling.

This is so much fun! I wish I had captured the moment with a photo, but didn't have time! Just wanted to share this story with you all - she is such a love bug!

September 13, 2010

Another Weekend of Fun!

We were lucky to have my Dad and Amy in town for the weekend and also to get 4 tickets to the Padres game! It was a short game, but we had fun! Maggie did a lot of people watching and the Padres won!

Here is a super cute picture of Maggie at the game, courtesy of Michelle P., and a picture of Maggie and her Poppy from after the game. It was a great weekend, wrapped up with a BBQ and a visit from Britt!

This next weekend brings a visit from Grandma & Poppa Korn. We can't wait to see them! Stay tuned for pictures from our adventures with them!

September 7, 2010

The Right Side of the Bed

Maggie's sleep habits have been changing a little bit lately. We think she might be having a growth spurt, or she's teething, or _________ (insert your guess in the comments below!). No matter the reason, she's been spending a bit more time in bed with us lately. She's a bit of a bed hog, but I think Rob would agree - it's nice to have her so close sometimes. I think I'm pretty lucky to wake up to these snugglebugs!

Sorry for the big break between posts - work is very busy for me right now! Glad we had a 3 day weekend - it means a shorter week, and hopefully some time to upload some new photos.

Oh - I wanted to put this photo in too, since it's one of my all time favorites so far! It was also taken the day before her 9 month birthday at Maggie's first San Diego Padres game!

More soon!