September 15, 2010

She Loves Him!

Last night as Maggie sat on her blanket on the floor, Rob, PJ, and I sat around her encouraging her to crawl. (Okay, I guess PJ wasn't really encouraging her... he was taking advantage of the fact that I was sitting on the ground, and was laying pretty much on top of my legs! :o)

Maggie scoots. You can't even tell she's doing it! She'll just all of the sudden be on the other side of the blanket. She's thinking about crawling, but you can tell she just isn't convinced that it is worth the possibility of falling. She's a thinker, this one!

Yesterday, she scooted right up to PJ. She sat in front of him, babbled something that only she and he can understand, and then bent down and gave him a kiss right on the bridge of his nose! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING WE'VE EVER SEEN. PJ looked at her with all this love, and she looked at us with a huge smile, and then went to babbling.

This is so much fun! I wish I had captured the moment with a photo, but didn't have time! Just wanted to share this story with you all - she is such a love bug!

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  1. This made me tear up, I'm so happy PJ and Maggie have a connection!