November 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie!

November 29, 2012

Dear Maggie,

So much has happened since your birthday last year! You started at Kids on Broadway and have made new friends! We moved to a new part of San Diego and have had many new adventures in our neighborhood! Looking back on the photos and videos from over this year, I can't believe how much you have grown. There really is a big difference from 2 years to 3 years, and I have to say - it has been so much fun this year! You have grown taller! You have learned to do so many new things! You are truly a big girl now, and I am so happy to see how proud you are of  your accomplishments.

Just this morning, you climbed into bed with us and declared: "I'm 3, Mommy. I think I'm going to throw my binkies in the trash." Your Daddy and I were so impressed! After we talked it through a bit, we decided to send your binkies to the "Binky Fairy" who will pass your beloved binkies on to babies who need them. What a generous girl you are!

Tonight, we are going to have cupcakes to celebrate you! You know what kind we will have because you have been talking and dreaming about them for six months! :) "Red, with white, with red cupcakes!" Everyone you meet knows that you are 3, and that you will be having cupcakes. I can't wait to share one with you.

Your favorite thing these days is to wear your "ballerina princess dress" and your "tutu dress". You've worn them every day this week, and have brought your wand to school almost every day. What a princess you are, my beautiful girl! I love to watch you twirl and curtsey... you are full of grace already.

I have to say, that you truly are my best buddy and I am happiest when I am hanging out with you, Mags! I love our little chats, your kisses and how much you love to help me do everything. I love it when you wake up and say to PJ "Good morning, Mister!" and give him a big hug and kiss... He's our guy and you take great care of him! It makes me smile when you make sure Daddy is listening to me... he thinks we are bossing him around, but we are really just helping him, huh? ;) And I love to hear you laughing deep from your belly when you are being silly with Daddy... you both have the same laugh, and it is so contagious!

Well, my girl, I love you with all of my heart and soul! Happy 3rd Birthday to you... As I always will, I  look forward to the new adventures we will find for ourselves in the next year! I can promise a few exciting days in the next week or so! Can you say "Disneyland"???

I love you,


Dear Mags,

Happy birthday!  

You’ve been telling people you were three for a month now, but today, you truly are a “big girl”.  You woke up this morning and promptly told us that you were done with your binkies and you were ready to throw them in a garbage can...  However, your mom convinced you that putting them in a box to send to the binky fairy so other babies could have them, might be a better choice.  Just in case you were talking a bigger game than you really were ready for (especially with mommy leaving for a week in two days......).

It is amazing that a year has already gone by since your last birthday.  We moved from our home in UTC to downtown.  This move also coincided with you starting a new school.  It was a little scary at first, but now it is your home and you seem to really enjoy it.  You’ve made new friends and seem to have half the school staff wrapped around your finger!  Your best friend is still your mister, PJ.  He still loves and tolerates you, even when you are putting hats on him and trying to hug him when all he wants to do is go outside.

It is amazing to look back on the year and realize how much you’ve grown.  Not just in size but in every way.  You started going to the bathroom like a big girl on the potty.  You know who your Grandma, Papa, Mimi, Poppy, and your aunties and uncle are; You not only know them but you are excited to see them and talk to them.  You say please, thank you and your welcome (though sometimes you must be prompted).  You sleep in a big girl bed.  You know the words to and sing lots of different songs.  You are a smart and energetic girl.

It truly is amazing how quick you change.  We watched a video of you singing happy birthday to Poppy in July, a few days ago, and you sounded like such a little girl.  You sound so much older in just those 4 months!  Each day we are able understand more you say and this seems to be a good thing, since you sometimes talk non-stop!  If you really are giving up the binkies, I would imagine that your speech and vocabulary will be better than mine in no time at all!

You still have a TON of personality.  You are still not shy about telling us what you like and don’t like.  You are becoming more outgoing and less shy by the day.  I think this is a good thing.....  Though, it seems that little boys are now hanging on your every word.  Not really loving that..... You are still pretty aloof of them though, so I have a little time!

Thank you so much for being such a joy in your mom and I’s lives.  You are such a sweet little girl and we love you so much.


***As these letters were written this morning, I thought we should update you on the "Binky situation":

It was a really good birthday. 

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  1. Yeah, a blog post! I can’t believe she’s 3! What a great slide show.
    Happy birthday Mags. I’m grateful we got to spend time with you this year and got to know you better! Disneyland!? Have a blast!
    PS. I teared up over the PJ part. I hope our little guy loves Murray as much as Mags loves PJ!