January 20, 2011

Just Hangin' Out

We were just hanging out one day, and I had my camera close by. Got a couple cute shots, so I thought I'd do a quick update before heading home for the day! These were taken a week or so ago. (Jan. 11th) Maggie is cruising around, always assisted by furniture in some way. She loves to practice standing up on her own... when she's on our bed with a soft place to fall! She's a very cautious girl - I mean, who wants to fall and possibly hurt something?! She loves dancing, and any time music is on, you'll catch her grooving to the beat. I'm working on catching it on video, because it is the sweetest thing.

She's getting some new teeth, so the last few days have been rough! She's happy here though, so enjoy!!

Round and round she goes...

Obviously, PJ is there for moral support!

The three below were taken pretty close together. I'm apparently the funniest camera woman ever! Check out the teeth! She has 6 right now, with one or two making a nasty entrance as I type...

Maggie LOVES to share! It's like, her favorite thing to do! She makes a sound akin to "Here!" and hands you whatever it is she can find to pick up. It's pretty funny, and keeps her (and us!) busy! At least she'll learn what 'thank you' means! :o)

January 7, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

To celebrate the start of the new year, we took a family trip to the San Diego Zoo. We have a yearly membership, and I used to take Maggie a lot when I was still at home with her. The last time we went, Maggie was about 9 months old and couldn't quite understand what she was looking at yet. January 1st was a nice day here, and we were surprised to find the zoo barely crowded at all! Maggie was so good, and loved looking at the elephants and the polar bears. We packed a lunch and walked around till we got hungry. We had a nice lunch in the sun, and then hit the road shortly after to make it home in time for a nap. (For all of us!) It was a really fun day with just the three of us, and we commented that we'll need to make sure to do this more often in 2011!

We've always said that PJ is part Polar Bear, so no wonder Maggie loved these guys!

January 4, 2011

The Traveling Trio (We missed you, PJ!)

This year, we flew North to spend the Christmas holiday with The Korn Family! We were able to be there for about 10 days and it was so much fun! Maggie is a natural traveler, and did so well on the flights. We did a ton of fun things, and Rob & 'Chelle even got a couple nights in Whistler while Maggie played with Grandma and Poppa Korn!

We had a super fun dinner in North Bend with Curtis, Emily and Murray, and also got to see Ryan and Nicole. Maggie liked feeding Murrray her crackers. ;) We went on the Christmas train, and Maggie didn't even cry when she sat in Santa's lap! Maggie crawled all over the Korn's house, and played with Cammy's many toys. The cousins had fun hanging around with each other, and Cammy is so sweet to Maggie. Opening presents on Christmas day was fun, and Maggie loved to practice her "Up-downs" to make people laugh. It was a wonderful trip, and truly felt so relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you for taking great care of us! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Poppa and Grandma Korn - Thank you for a lovely week!

Jumpin' on the couch! Cammy was showing Maggie how to do it.

Maggie's favorite spot in the Korn house. (in front of the fridge!)

At Cammy's house after the Christmas train.

Tried for a family photo - Hey Maggie! Camera's over here!!!

She loves being turned up-side-down.

The cousins on Santa's lap. Cammy asked for tools.
Maggie just gave him the eye. Check out her cheeks! haha...

Maggie's turn!

Loved this game on the refrigerator, and got one for Christmas!
She talks, a lot!

Ski day in Whistler!

Brrrr... it was COLD!
We had so much fun!

Maggie was the present inspector.

A little girl from G&P Korn. That was Tracey's baby blanket! Thank you, Grandma!

Ornament inspector, now.

Let's go people! What's the hold up? It's Christmas!!

What IS this?

Lucky girl!

So cute, sitting at the little table and playing grocery store. :)

After our trip, Mimi came down to spend the day with Maggie. She loves story time with Mimi!