January 7, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

To celebrate the start of the new year, we took a family trip to the San Diego Zoo. We have a yearly membership, and I used to take Maggie a lot when I was still at home with her. The last time we went, Maggie was about 9 months old and couldn't quite understand what she was looking at yet. January 1st was a nice day here, and we were surprised to find the zoo barely crowded at all! Maggie was so good, and loved looking at the elephants and the polar bears. We packed a lunch and walked around till we got hungry. We had a nice lunch in the sun, and then hit the road shortly after to make it home in time for a nap. (For all of us!) It was a really fun day with just the three of us, and we commented that we'll need to make sure to do this more often in 2011!

We've always said that PJ is part Polar Bear, so no wonder Maggie loved these guys!

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