November 23, 2011

Fall Review!

Whew. It's been a busy Fall so far. We've had a lot of fun with Maggie in the last few months, and she has blossomed! She is talking so much more now, and is learning new things each day. Some of her favorite things to do are:

1) Assign things to people. For example: "That's Mommy's!" (while nodding her head earnestly) or "That's MINE." (I'm sure you can all imagine how often this one is used!)

2) Boss PJ around. Poor PJ! We hear the following every day: "GO!" or "No, No P Yay!!" (that's how she pronounces PJ. "P Yay". (It's so cute! But I wonder how endearing it is to PJ when he's being told what to do all the time??)

3) When seeing any vehicle larger than a mini-cooper: "BUH!!!!! There's the buhhhh!" This means 'bus' and 'truck'. :o) She is also obsessed with planes, and luckily for Maggie, we live conveniently close to the Marine air strip! She hears a plane coming, and looks to the window or the sky, and says "Plane!" and points upward. Maggie and I had a wonderful view of the Air Show in early October from the end of our driveway. The anticipation of hearing the big planes coming our way was almost more excitement than she could handle! She would squeal with excitement, point as the jets flew by, and then clap when the were gone. She kept signing and saying "More, more!" After the last big fly-by, she cried when I told her it was all over! :( However, it was a great time for me - she was so thrilled! Maybe she's a future pilot?

4) Point out anything cat related and say: "That's a MEOW". (Again with the head nod. I just die when she does it... so cute!) She also loves to point at each animal on her wall (we decorated in a Safari theme) and say "Roaaaaar" (in a whisper!) when we point to the lion or the tiger.

5) Scream...........

So, here are some pictures from events over the past few months! xo

This was just a fun day after work/school - she looked so cute!

Maggie wanted to do my hair! 

Matching bows, obviously!

A sweet girl and her handsome pup.

I mean, honestly, he is the ideal playmate. He'll wear anything!

Mags decided to walk a mile in my shoes... :)

Maggie and Mommy took a few days off and went to Palm Springs when G&G Korn and GiGi were here for a visit. It was warm and so much fun to spend extra time with them!

Play day at the Mall. Maggie loved following Rhea!

She is saying "Mooooom... don't embarrass me in front of my friend! Keep it cool!"

Sunset in La Jolla - family outing. We were looking for seals! 

Our little family. <3

Halloween is Here!

Off to Trick-O-Treat with her bff Kaylyn! Princess Maggie and Kaylyn the Cow! 

Best part of the night: ringing the doorbell. Maggie actually really got into the trick-o-treating, and it was so much fun for us to watch! Kaylyn helped a lot - she grabbed a piece of candy for Maggie on the first few houses when Maggie was still a bit shy. But she warmed up, and had a blast! 

Not too shabby, kiddos! 

A very early b-day present! Pots and Pans from Grandma Korn!

To go with the kitchen from Mimi!

She was a natural chef...

Cooking with almost all the burners right off the bat! Mimi taught her how to stir and how to taste. These gifts are a huge hit at our house!

Aunties are here!

She's doing the serious look...


Looking forward to Maggie's big 2nd birthday next week, and Christmas soon after that!! xoxo


  1. So, so CUTE! Thanks for posting...We <3 Maggie!

  2. Great updates and photos! She is getting so big and more and more beautiful every day. And PJ is hands down the best doggie brother a girl could ask for! Can't wait to see 2nd Birthday photos!