July 26, 2011

We had the best trip!

At the end of June (yes, it has taken me way too long to update!) Maggie, PJ and I took a road trip up to Martinez. We spent a week visiting family and friends and we had a blast! Maggie was a great travel buddy - she was so great in the car on the long drives, and she was more than game for all of our adventures across the bay area and beyond!

On the first drive, Mimi joined us so that we'd have extra company in the car for Maggie and PJ. The drive went quickly and smoothly, and we discovered how awesome and amazing a portable DVD player is. :o) If only we could find something like that for PJ... he doesn't enjoy the long drives as much as Maggie did. When we arrived on Thursday, we hung out and enjoyed Mimi's house. Friday, we met up with Jennie and her kids (sorry - we forgot to take pictures), Wanda, Erin and Nancy. It was so fun to see all the kids together in one room! It was a short but sweet visit and the perfect kick off to an awesome week.

On Saturday, Maggie, Mimi and I went to the Nut Tree to have lunch with Sam and Nikki, who I've known all of my life. It was a yummy lunch, and Maggie loved having ice cream!

Can you see the excitement?! I LOVE this picture: favorite of the trip!

After lunch, we had did some big "firsts" for Maggie! First, first, the train!

She was having a lot of fun - it just wasn't captured with a photo! ;)

 That's Sam in this picture - she's going to be having a baby soon! You can look back at a post about a year ago to see photos of Maggie at her wedding!

Next, we did this:

How cute are these? She loved it!

Finally, we hit the Merry-Go-Round:

Giraffe's have been Maggie's "thing" since before she was born!

I'm pretty sure she had fun on this! I, however, felt a little sick after the third or fourth 'round! 

We were bummed that Rob wasn't here to see these firsts... he was being a good Daddy and stayed home in San Diego to facilitate our bathroom re-model! Thanks, Rob/Daddy! We loooooove our new bathroom! 

This is Mags dressed up as a bag lady - her new favorite accessories are her blanket wrapped up like a scarf, and her "easter basket" as her purse. She collects goodies to put inside it. You can see our new bathroom a bit in this photo! Yay, new floor!

One of the best things about being at Mimi's house is the beautiful backyard! Maggie loved to run up and down the little hill of grass!

There is also an amazing park just down the street. One morning, Maggie, PJ and I took a walk down there. We were the only people/pets in the whole park! Both PJ and Maggie enjoyed running wild!

Can  you see her back there? Running!

And, obviously, a quick stop for some loves.

Our next adventure was an overnight trip to Nevada City to see Sara, Eli and Lauren! Seth (Thankfully! it was so good to spend time with him!) joined us for the drive and we had a really relaxing visit with the.Bottrells. Took a bunch of pictures of Maggie and Lauren in the pool, but they are sans clothing, so I'm not going to post them here. However, I did catch this one photo of Mags:

They had a blast!

After this trip, we had a wonderful BBQ with Poppy and my Aunts Patty and Judy, Uncle Art and my cousin Michael and his family. It was relaxing and filled with yummy food. We also took a trip over to SF for lunch with Gina. It was sooo great to catch up with her! Again - forgot the photos, but this Mommy was tired! We hung out more with Mimi, went to TJ Maxx for a good long while, and just enjoyed the wonderful weather. It was a great trip, and we can't wait to do it again! Next time, Daddy will come too.

We went for shopping and lunch in Benicia before the trip was over. It was a fun day, and Kerry caught this photo of me and my girl. Hey, Kerry? Maybe we should buy a vacation home in Benicia?!

Oh, you thought this post was done? Not yet!! We had two vacations in one, actually. Auntie Kiki drove back down to SD with us. The drive down took a little bit longer, but we stopped in Manhattan Beach to have dinner with Auntie Amy so that was a great break. Once we got home, we decided to dedicate some time to catching some rays. To the beach, we went!

This was the weekend of July 4th. On Saturday, we met up with Michelle P. and went to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. It was full of happy holiday-ing people, and we were more than thrilled to join them!

Hello Watermelon!

Lot's of fun times with Auntie Kiki - here Maggie is giving kisses through the protection plastic we had to put up on the railing above the stairs.

This is what it looks like from the other side! So darn cute!

Whew! Are you as tired as we were after this whirlwind? It was a great time, and Maggie seemed to blossom from all of her new experiences. I swear she grew an inch or two! She was talking more, seemed more comfortable in new places more quickly, and just so happy! We're looking forward to lots of new adventures for Maggie when we hit the road again (well, okay, we're flying this time!) to see all of our friends and family in WA! We leave Thursday, so check back in a couple weeks for pictures and fun tidbits on Maggie's next summer vacation!

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  1. Thanks for the tip ... I'm going to stock up on ice cream so we can win Maggie over on her August visit! Looks like a great trip and so exciting you came home to a renovated bathroom! Can't wait to see you three!