April 11, 2011

What a Weekend!

Wow, we had a busy and super fun weekend! We drove up to L.A on Saturday for our friends Irene and Dave's baby shower. First, we stopped in Hollywood for lunch with Irma and Auntie Amy. After that, the baby shower, and then we drove down to Manhattan Beach to check out Amy's apartment which we hadn't seen yet. Maggie loved it! Amy came with us to our hotel in Redondo Beach, and we hung out for a couple hours eating pizza, pears, and goldfish crackers. :) Maggie got her first balloon, too! We have a busy April to look forward to, with visits from Poppy and from Grandma & GRANDPA Korn, Auntie Tracey and Cousin Cam!

Maggie had so much fun running around at the baby shower!

Um, more food please?


First Balloon! She loved it.

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  1. I think I'd cave into those bright blue eyes every time! Sounds like such a fun weekend and her first balloon was really the icing on the cake!