February 4, 2011

Poppy Came to Visit!

My dad came down for a visit last weekend, so Maggie and I played hookie from work/daycare for half of the day and took him to the zoo. The weather was beautiful, and we meandered around the zoo checking out the giraffes, elephants and polar bears. When we got home, Maggie took 2 steps!! Poppy was holding her around her waist, and he just let her go, and she walked to me! We clapped and encouraged her, and she was very proud. We're still waiting for more, and of course we didn't get pictures, but it was a fun day!

The next day, we took him to a yummy breakfast spot, The Cottage, where we all cleaned our plates. Maggie ate more than half of a huge pancake! She's such a good eater right now! It's a blessing, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes I wonder how it is possible to fit so much food into a tiny girl! She must be doing A LOT of growing! After breakfast we walked  around La Jolla, enjoying another gorgeous day of January in San Diego! We played and hung out, and after lunch, Maggie made Poppy's weekend by taking a long nap in his arms!

She likes to practice standing, a lot!
(She walked soon after this shot)

It's so much fun to play with my car seat!

I'm talking to you, lady! 

Lot's of playing = sleepy Maggie.

This weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Korn come to visit, so we'll have more adventures to report next week! I think we're heading to the aquarium this time! Are you ready Maggie?? :)

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  1. So exciting she took a few steps and that Grandpa was there to see it! Love her hair do - so cute!