November 29, 2010

One Beautiful Year

This has been the most beautiful year of my life. One year ago today, we welcomed our Maggie into the world! She is so amazing - it's so hard to put all these feelings into words, but I think I should direct them to the source...

Dear Maggie,

One year ago today, you brought a joy into our lives that we never knew existed. You warmed our hearts, opened our eyes, and tucked yourself into our little family so perfectly. We've watched you grow month by month, and have marveled at how strong and determined you are. We watch you ponder the world around you, watch you reach out for those that we love so much, and see you learn new things with ease. We marvel at you daily - delight in your giggles, remark on your goings on, and praise your best friend PJ for being by your side every step of the way. You are such a ham - always trying to get us to laugh at you!  And you are an observer - watching and thinking, learning, and deciding what to do next. Your laugh is so amazing - full of pure joy and free of any worry or fear.

Thank you for a year of unforgettable memories! Thank you for reminding your Dad and I every day how lucky we are to have each other. We are so proud of you're first year - we did it! We are also so thankful for all of the family and friends who have supported you from the first breath you took. Our love will find you wherever you go, Maggie.

Love forever and always,
Mommy & Daddy

And she's off!
 We can't wait to for the adventures of year 2!

November 1, 2010

Halloween Happenings

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend! Maggie had a party at daycare to kick off the weekend! She was so cute, and see below for a picture from her friend Marin. After work, we took Maggie down to Little Italy to meet up with the Elrod's and to hit the "Trick-or-Treat on India Street" event. It was fun, and we saw some great costumes! Rhea was "Princess Ariel", and her little BF Beckett was a bunny rabbit. They were so cute, and got pretty hopped up on sugar! I didn't know kids could move that fast! ;) The best costume of the night was a little cutie dressed up as a troll doll. Her hair was hair sprayed up high, and spray painted blue! It was so cute!

On Saturday we carved a pumpkin (which I forgot to take a picture of!) who has two teeth just like Maggie. Sunday brought football with a bunch of rowdy Seahawk fans, and one very boastful Raider fan. ;)
Then we rushed down to meet Laura and Cutter for some moretrick-or-treating in Coronado! It was a great weekend, and Maggie dressed up 3 times!

This is the new face Maggie makes when she doesn't like what she's doing anymore...

Don't worry - we stopped it before it got gross! But had to include this photo. So funny!

Our little Cheetah/Leopard/Kitty?? Cute none-the-less!

Maggie & Marin

In Little Italy w/ Daddy

It was a fun first Halloween!!