November 1, 2010

Halloween Happenings

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend! Maggie had a party at daycare to kick off the weekend! She was so cute, and see below for a picture from her friend Marin. After work, we took Maggie down to Little Italy to meet up with the Elrod's and to hit the "Trick-or-Treat on India Street" event. It was fun, and we saw some great costumes! Rhea was "Princess Ariel", and her little BF Beckett was a bunny rabbit. They were so cute, and got pretty hopped up on sugar! I didn't know kids could move that fast! ;) The best costume of the night was a little cutie dressed up as a troll doll. Her hair was hair sprayed up high, and spray painted blue! It was so cute!

On Saturday we carved a pumpkin (which I forgot to take a picture of!) who has two teeth just like Maggie. Sunday brought football with a bunch of rowdy Seahawk fans, and one very boastful Raider fan. ;)
Then we rushed down to meet Laura and Cutter for some moretrick-or-treating in Coronado! It was a great weekend, and Maggie dressed up 3 times!

This is the new face Maggie makes when she doesn't like what she's doing anymore...

Don't worry - we stopped it before it got gross! But had to include this photo. So funny!

Our little Cheetah/Leopard/Kitty?? Cute none-the-less!

Maggie & Marin

In Little Italy w/ Daddy

It was a fun first Halloween!!

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