October 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We had a super fun trip to Palm Springs a few weekends back. We met up with Maggie's Grandma and Poppa Korn, Auntie Tracey, Uncle Justin, Auntie Erin and Uncle Tory, GG (Great Grandma Vaughan), and most importantly... Cousin Cam! We had a lot of fun swimming and playing with blocks, and trying new foods! Maggie did a great job of sleeping in a new place, swimming (she dunked her head!) and getting to spend time with family. Here are a few pictures from the weekend, although I have to admit... I was doing some relaxing, so was a little bit lazy on the picture taking! ;)

Auntie Kerry joined us too! She got in some good pool time

Legos are pretty awesome!

I love you Grandma!

Wow, Cammy, you're so tall!

Hangin' with Poppa.

Dad, you're so funny!

One for the Korn Christmas card?? :)

October 13, 2010

Visiting Mimmi & Great Grammy & Grampy

On Sunday, Maggie and I took a drive up to Orange County to visit with my Mom (Mimmi) and to see my grandparents (Great Grammy & Grampy). We also got to see Amy, my cousins Jessica & Mathew, my Aunt Lynda, and Uncles Brad & Randy.

Maggie was having so much fun with Mimmi - she loved to take the glasses of her face. She would laugh so hard that she had to rest her forehead on Mimmi's forehead. It was so cute. We (Rob and I - although Rob wasn't there, so he missed out on this lovely lesson) learned a BIG lesson. Do not feed your daughter vegetarian refried beans for dinner on Saturday night, and then prunes for breakfast on Sunday morning. It was gross people. One bath, 4 diapers, and two outfits later... Should explain why she's in a diaper only below. :o)

Off to Palm Springs this weekend to hang with the whole Korn family! We can't wait to see Cameron, Maggie's cousin! And of course, everyone else!

They have arrived.

Maggie has TEETH! She decided to do a two-for-one special on her first tooth experience. These both popped out at the same time! (Friday October 1st, PJ's birthday!) Luckily for me, I was the one home and feeding her when the excitement began... Poor girl! It was a doosie, but only lasted about an hour. Then the Tylenol (we love you Tylenol!) kicked in and she fell asleep. Now, all the Worry Warts out there can relax. (Ah-hem, Mom!) Maggie has teeth, and will be sure to get more!

The Famous Two-fers!

Still Happy!