August 6, 2010

A Wish Come True

During my baby shower, my sisters asked our friends and family to go around in a circle and say out loud something they wished for our baby to be and to me. Some wished me a quick labor and some wished me a baby who slept through the night and others wished happiness and health for our little kernel. I am thankful that these wishes have come true! ;)

The one wish that I will never forget, however, was made by Stacey Cubillo, a close family friend who I have known since she was born. She said to me: "I wish that your baby grows up with friendships as close and as long as the one our families have with each other". It was so touching, and so awesome to look at Stacey, her sister Jenny and her mother Judy and realize: these people have known me all of my life and have supported me through thick and thin, and they will always be my friends. But they are really more like family and now, they will be Maggie's family too!

On July 31st we went to a wedding of another of our life long friends, Samantha. It was so much fun to be surrounded by the Cubillo's, the Askhams, and tons of other people that have been in my life for so long. I felt so happy. Maggie was a huge hit at the wedding, with people lined up to hold her, and her Poppie begging to have the first dance with her!
Maggie & Poppie - first dance

We all danced our butt's off, shared stories around the dinner table, and just enjoyed each other. It was so much fun for me to have Maggie and Rob there: to share the family I've been growing! Looking around during a break between laughs, I thought: I am so lucky. Maggie already has such wonderful friends in her life! Here's to many, many more as she grows!

Here we go!

Dancing fools!
Our little family

Judy, Nicki, Mom (Mimi)

Luis & Stacey
Jenny & Adam

Mom (Mimi) and Nicki (M.O.B)

And She's Done!

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  1. What an awesome wish! And I'm not surprised one bit that you guys are surrounded by such awesome family and friends, since you're so wonderful to be around!