June 20, 2011

Aunty Amy's Pics!

So, although it wasn't completly fair to call Amy out on Maggie's blog, it did get the pictures to me quickly! Hee hee. Love you Ames!

Here are a few shots of Maggie hanging out with her Poppy and Aunty Amy, and of course, with her Dad! I wish I could have been around more that weekend, but was thankful for the help! What sucks though, is that Amy isn't in ANY of thes pictures! We'll make up for that with our visit to Martinez coming soon. Can't wait to spend a week in the sun with family and friends!

Cute little hair clip! We're in luck when she'll keep it in - it's so precious!

I think they are both updating their Facebook status to read: "Hanging with Maggie/Poppy is the best!"

Bread in hand? A true daughter o' mine.

There are some good iPhone games for the kiddos, but still! She's maybe addicted!!??

Our happy girl - probably laughing at how funny Amy is!

I was there some of the time! :)

This is my favorite!

 The simplest things...

Can be so fun!

Whew! That was so much fun! Now, it's time for bed.

June 15, 2011

Interim post

Maggie had a great visit with Poppy and Auntie Amy during my busy commencement weekend. They hung out, went for walks, blew kisses and had some super photo shoots. HOWEVER - I have not received those photos from aforementioned Auntie Amy. SO, instead, I'll fill in with some pictures of Maggie experimenting with using her own utensils, and also a trip to the park with boring ol' Mom & Dad. ;)

She was talking to us about her new tool.

It doesn't quite work when it's sideways - but it's a start!

Success with a bite!

I think she liked it! Another kind of Happy Meal. :)

Doesn't it kind of look like a fountain on the top of her head? Hee Hee...

"What's that?" Leaves are so cool!


This is no surprise! At least he kept it G-rated. ;)

Playing with Mommy

Ha Ha - that tickles!