December 13, 2010

Finally! I'll Have My Cake

We had to postpone Maggie's b-day celebration because of a run-in with pink eye the day before the party was to happen! :( However - this past weekend we were able to celebrate with the most important part: cake eating pictures! The Elrod's came over for dinner and we sang Happy Birthday, and then ate cake! Maggie loved it! Both girls were bouncing off the walls for hours after, and it was worth it! Here are a few photos of the evening.

Look how cute they are!

Doesn't look too messy... yet!

Oh yeah! Tastes much better when it gets all over the place.

She did a good job! We took it away after this - we were worried about a sugar overdose!

Rhea helping open Maggie's present :)

December 9, 2010

Traveling for Thanksgiving

We drove many-a-mile over Thanksgiving, and it was worth it! We stayed in Martinez for most of the time, but also took a side trip up to Ashland, OR to celebrate Great-Grandma Korn's 88th birthday! It was a fun week with family, and after the trauma of the drive up, and the panic of not knowing whether or not we'd leave him, PJ settled in to bliss - sleeping on Mimi's bed every night! Spoiled!

Here are some of the pictures from the week, and hopefully more frequent blogs in the new year! ;)

The Baby Whisperer, aka Judy

Mimi is the best at teaching Maggie new things!

Stopped on the pass - we're still having fun!

Awwee, Mom! You're so weird!

I love this picture! Ready for the open road, this one!

Birthday Balloons for GG Korn

Great Uncle Art. He's not as scary when he has food... ;)  

Auntie Kerry, Auntie Amy, and Poppie

Can you see the piece of cheese in the foreground of the photo? That's her focus. ha!

The turkey that we didn't get to eat... Will Kerry & Amy ever forgive me? ;) Looks, good Dad!

Auntie Sandwich!