April 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

We met Jason, Carly, Rhea and Baby Elrod-to-be (Alannah, born yesterday!) at the La Jolla Rec Center for an Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday. It was Maggie's first time participating, and she did a great job! She picked up one egg on her own, and Rhea brought her another one. She ran herself ragged that day (gave her Mom a run for her money too!) and had the best time. She's getting so big, so fast. I brought the bigger camera, and got a ton of shots, so I think I'll narrate through the photos. I think she speaks for herself - she's beautiful! It was a wonderful family day with great friends, and we all left feeling very, very happy.

With her egg collecting basket.

Maybe a little pensive? There were a lot of legs around...

First egg!!

Put it in the basket!

Rhea came to help and to show her how it's done.

My loves. Wish PJ was there!

Loves the blue egg.

Wait. Where is my other egg?

Found it!

Walking in sand is, um... tricky. I need to concentrate.

Hey lady - did you clear this photo shoot w/ my agent?

Okay, can you see the fear? No kidding, right? This thing is SCARY.

I'm smiling, but I really wanted to cry like Maggie did at first. ;)

Cutest little pinafore, thanks to Sarah from Ketchikan!

Maggie has a one-arm swing that would make anyone jealous!
Must be seen to be appreciated, I think.

April 11, 2011

What a Weekend!

Wow, we had a busy and super fun weekend! We drove up to L.A on Saturday for our friends Irene and Dave's baby shower. First, we stopped in Hollywood for lunch with Irma and Auntie Amy. After that, the baby shower, and then we drove down to Manhattan Beach to check out Amy's apartment which we hadn't seen yet. Maggie loved it! Amy came with us to our hotel in Redondo Beach, and we hung out for a couple hours eating pizza, pears, and goldfish crackers. :) Maggie got her first balloon, too! We have a busy April to look forward to, with visits from Poppy and from Grandma & GRANDPA Korn, Auntie Tracey and Cousin Cam!

Maggie had so much fun running around at the baby shower!

Um, more food please?


First Balloon! She loved it.